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Hoodie Patterns 101

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Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop has a thing for hoodie patterns - we have dozens of patterns that can be made with a hood. Many of these are beginner level but make professional looking clothing. At our house, they've become a staple in my the wardrobe for every member of our household. You can make them for most seasons of the year depending on what fabric weight you use. has an amazing selection of Cotton Lycra for warmer times of the year and material like Sweatshirt Fleece or French Terry for winter time.

This Hoodie guide doesn't have the space to be a comprehensive list of every option that we have....but we'll try to get through some of our most popular ones to help you decide which pdf sewing pattern might be right for you. Most of these are unisex and/or have separate but similar patterns for men and women.

You'll notice that most of our patterns are drafted for knit fabric. You'll find an extensive collection of knit fabric options at our sister shop

All of our sewing patterns come with a full tutorial and color photos in an easy to print PDF. If you want to see a comprehensive list of all of our Hoodie patterns then click HERE. Also, be sure to join our Peek-a-Boo Patter Facebook Group to share what hoodie patterns you are making and see everyone else's sewing creations.  

Women's Hooded Patterns

It's always fun to sew something for yourself. These hoodies are the perfect choice:


Madrid Maxi Dress Pattern

The Hampton is designed for a semi-fitted top with optional maternity and breastfeeding access. It includes a plethora of different options, including: (1) A Hood with Placket in Standard and Extended Length (breastfeeding friendly), (2) Standard Hood, (3) Neckband, (4) Varying Sleeve Length, (5) Maternity, and (6) an Optional Pocket.

"Adorable, easy to follow pattern. The Hampton Hoodie is an easy to follow pattern - even for a knit novice! From start to finish was very fast! I finished most of the sewing while my toddler napped and the end result is fashionable and comfortable." - Stephanie

Bristol Button-Up

Sicily Swing Dress and Tunic Pattern

The Bristol Button-Up includes a top and tunic length, back yoke with pleated lower back, bust darts, optional chest pockets, and a hood with optional drawstring. You can combine your favorite woven (flannel, poplin, etc.) with a cozy knit hood.

"Love it. I almsot live in this shirt, I love it and get compliments all the time and requests for me to make some for my friends...." - Meg

"Favorite Pattern! I have probably said this about a few Peek-a-Boo Patterns but this is my new favorite pattern...and I get to sew for myself for a change! Love the hood and all the details..." - Alisha

Women's Pinnacle

Melbourne Crossover Dress and Top sewing pattern

The Women's Pinnacle Pullover has raglan sleeves, side panels, kangaroo pocket, side pockets, optional zipper nursing access, maternity and your choice of neckband or hood.

"Loved it. Easy to understand instructions, and clear projector file made for a quick and easy sew. Super comfy shirt!!!" - Jenni

"Great pattern. I made this for my adult daughter. It was so easy to sew, the directions were clear, and it fit perfectly. - Melody


The Hyak

Madrid Maxi Dress Pattern

The Hyak has a cozy crossover hood with button loop closure, optional piping, and welt pockets with an internal kangaroo pocket. It also includes an optional zipper for easy nursing access.

"Pattern was great, easy to follow and was exactly what I wanted." - Vicky

"Love this hoodie that I made to nurse my little guy this winter. I'm still a beginner at sewing and I was able to follow along and make something I am proud to wear." - Alexandra

Sequoia Pullover

Sicily Swing Dress and Tunic Pattern

The Sequoia has dolman sleeves and a split hem. It's perfect for exercising or hanging out. Options include: 2 sleeve lengths, 2 hem styles (split hem or standard band), hood or neckband, and optional pocket.

"Easy and awesome. I made this one evening, from picking out the pattern, to printing and cutting it out, and then sewing it. And I love the finished product and I plan to make more." - Lisa

"Easy pattern with great results. Fits perfect." - Tiffany

The Astoria

Melbourne Crossover Dress and Top sewing pattern

The Astoria is packed with options so you can sew up a new fall and winter wardrobe. It't options include: (1) View A: Colorblocked front with ruching, (2) View B: Colorblocked front; (3) View C: Plain Front; (4) Long and 3/4 sleeves, (5) Hood, Cowl, and Neckband, (6) Top, Tunic, Mid-thigh, and Knee Lengths, (7) Hem or Bottom Band.

"Perfect. I made 3 of these for myself! One fleece hooded, one with contrasting accent hooded and one juersey without a hood! I love them all and have been asked where I bought them, so that's a big win for me and my sewing skills."


Kid's Hoodie Pattern

Like I said, we have a thing for hoodies. We have too many youth hoodie patterns to list here but this will give you a good sampling.


Madrid Maxi Dress Pattern

The Hangout Hoodie is full of options, including: (1) Hood with placket / standard hood / neckband, (2) Pullover with standard hem or band, (3) Optional dress and tunic length, (4) Optional pocket, and (5) long or short sleeves.

"Hangout hoodie. Another easy pattern to sew. This will be a go to for grandson as he loves the hoods." - Nancy

"I give it 5 stars! Sizing is ideal, and directions for the neckline are very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for another great pattern." - Kim

Half Pipe

Rosemary Raglan Sewing Pattern

The Half Pipe Hoodie allows you to mix and match your favorite fabrics to create a unique project. It includes options for short or layered sleeves, hoodie or crew neck, and an optional pocket in sizes 18 mos and up.

"This is a fun pattern with endless possibilites. Directions are very clear and easy to follow. This pattern is a favorite for my grandson." - Jodi

"All time favorite pattern. I love making these for my boys. I've done with and without the hood, short or layered sleeves, with an without stripe, with and without pocket, and sometimes the stripe only in the front and not the back." - Sabrina

Declan Pullover

Melbourne Crossover Dress and Top sewing pattern

The Declan has a front placked that makes getting dressed easy and it adds a little extra style. It includes the following options: (1) Henley, hoodie, & Polo, (2) Standard Hem or Banded Bottom, and (3) Short Sleeves, Long Sleeves w/ Hem, Long Sleeves w/ Cuff.

"As usual, Peek-a-Boo has provided an amazing pattern with easy to follow instructions." - Sierra

"Great sew! So impressed with this pattern - after struggling with other companies to do a placket or polo shirt I finally found this pattern which is so easy to follow and gave me great results." - Hannah


Madrid Maxi Dress Pattern

The Hideout Hoodie has fun colorblocking with optional pockets. You can make it with a cross over hood or neckband and short or long sleeves for any type of weather. It includes options for: (1) Short or Long Sleeves, (2) Crossover Hood or Neckband, (3) Optional Pockets, and (4) Optional Trim.

"I love this pattern! This pattern was an absolute breeze to make. Print to finish took me about 3 hours total. It's an excellent wasy to use up scrap sized fabric. Now that I've made one, I see MANY in my future." - Melissa

"Loved it. This is the first pattern I have bought but I loved the pattern, the instructions were clear and the finished product was loved by my grandson..." - Annmaree

Sierra Pullover

Rosemary Raglan Sewing Pattern

The Sierra for girls has dolman sleeves and a split hem. Made from comfy knits, it's perfect for active kids. It includes the following options: (1) 2 Sleeve Lengths, (2) 2 Hem Styles: Split Hem or Standard Band, (3) Hood or Neckband, and (4) Optional Pocket.

"I am just getting back into sewing. This was one of the easiest download patterns I have ever made..After making this top, I will definitely be buying more from this shop again!" - EA

"My girls love this. I've made two variations of the pattern in cotton lycra and warmer interlock. Both are smash hits. Easy to put together and so comfy." - Heidi


Melbourne Crossover Dress and Top sewing pattern

The Hudson is perfect for scrap busting and has options to mix and match for anytime of the year. Options include: (1) Pullover/Tee with Kangaroo Pocket, (2) Various Colorblocking Options, (3) Tank, Short Sleeves, or Long Sleeves, (4) Hood or Neckband, and (5) Botton Band or Hem.

"I absolutely love this pattern. It was easier to sew, especially the sleeves! I really don't like sewing on sleeves much, but this pattern made it simple for me. I can't wait to make more of these!" - Tamara

"Just finished sewing this hoodie for my grandson. Instructions were well written and it cam together very easily and quickly. Also it fit true to size, has lots of options so will be making it again. It is great for panels!" - Lynn

Double Trouble

Madrid Maxi Dress Pattern

The Double Trouble Reversible Hoodie is fully reversible with raglan sleeves. It includes options for long and short sleeves. The long sleeves are designed to be rolled once. Perfect for knit fabrics like cotton lycra.

"Fun sew! This was a fun pattern to sew. Clear and easy to understand instructions. The results will amaze you!" - Peg

"The directions were easy to follow, and resulted in a very nice reversible sweatshirt, which was exactly what I was looking for." - Nicole


Rosemary Raglan Sewing Pattern

The Huckleberry, a matching option to the Hyak for women, features a cozy crossover hood with button loop closure, optional piping, and welt pockets with an internal kangaroo pocket.  

"Easier than I thought. The welt pockets scared me at first, but once I watched the tutorial video, it was quite easy. Very happy with the end result." - Pat

"Classic with fun design details. Simple pattern for a classic hoodie but full of exceptional details to make it as special as you want. Great instructions!" - Kathy

Grow with Me

Melbourne Crossover Dress and Top sewing pattern

The Grow With Me Pullover will grow with your child and fits multiple sizes. At the lowe end of the sizes, the pullover has a looser fit and the cuffs will be folded up. As the child grows, just unfold the cuffs. It comes with options for circular pockets, kangaroo pocket, and hood or cowl.

"Love. love love. I absolultely love this pattern. I have now made 4 since my purchase and love how quick this work up is." - Candice

"GREAT pattern! Made for my grandbabies and will continue to make for years to come. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow." - Jodi

Men's Hoodie Pattern

My husband loves his handmade hoodies. A hoodie is a great sewing project to make for the men in your life and we have some good options for you.

Denver Pullover

Schoolgirl Skirt Pattern

The Denver includes options for: (1) Henley, Hoodie, or Polo, (2) Standard Hem or Banded Bottom, and (3) Short Sleeves, Long Sleeves w/ Hem, or Long Sleeves w/ Cuff.

"This pattern worked out excellently. I used non-stretchy flannel and my advice would be to go up 1 to 2 sizes depending on the shape of the inteded wearer. Instructions were clear, especially with the YouTube video for the placket." - Angela

"Such a great pattern." - Amanda

Men's Pinnacle

Violet tunic and dress sewing pattern

The Men's Pinnacle, like the women's and youth, features raglan sleeves, side panels, an optional pocket, and your choice of neckband or hood.

"Great Pattern. First time sewing men's clothing of any kind and this turned out beautifully. Thank you, will be making this one again (made one for my son, now my husband wants one). - Karen

"Such an easy sew. Instructions were so easy to follow and it came out beautifully." - Candice

Men's Essential Tee

Wildflower Dress Sewing Pattern

The Men's Essential Tee fills up the closet with loads of options, including a hoodie option. Total options include: (1) Necklines: Crew, Scoop, V-Neck, and Hood; and, (2) Sleeves: Tank, Short, Long (with or without cuffs).

"First time sewing a man's shirt. Went together in a flash! I will be making many more. Thanks for the great, easy to use pattern!" - Cory

"Just what needed and easy to color block." - Shara

Baby Hoodie Sewing Patterns

They may not be first on your sewing list, but you'll be surprised how much men appreciate handmaid clothing. We have lots of sewing patterns for beginners that are designed for men.

Duck Duck Goose

Schoolgirl Skirt Pattern

The Duck Duck Goose allows you to sew up a whole baby wardrobe. It's options include: (1) Bodysuit, (2) Tee/pullover, (3) Bodysuit & Tee / Pullover Combo, (4) Dress or Peplum, (5) Bodysuit & Dress or Peplum Combo, (6) Short or Long Sleeves, (7) Neckband or Hood, and (8) Optional Snap Placket.  

"This pattern is such a quick and easy sewing project. I really liked that the sleeves were not cut on the fold." - Rebekah

"Adorable! A nice versatile pattern with so many choices it will be a go to pattern for quite a while." - Florence

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

Violet tunic and dress sewing pattern

The Eeny Meeny Miny Moe is another one to help you fill up the closet. It has options for: (1) View A: Classic Tee, Hoodie, or Dress, (2) View B: Bodysuit, or (3) View C: Tee/Hoodie/Dress with Attached Bodysuit

"I've only been sewing about 6 weeks and found this ptatern quite easy to follow. I've bought a few from this website and found the instructions comprehensive but easy to follow." - Debbie

"This is one of my favorite patterns for girls, if not my favorite. The instructions are really clear, and the pictures make it easy even for someone who hasn't done a ton of sewing." - Meghan

Zipster Romper

Wildflower Dress Sewing Pattern

The Zipster Romper omes with options for a cozy hood, partial or full zip front, patch or kangaroo pocket, and optional snap inseam for easy diaper changes.

"I love this pattern. I learned a new way to do zippers and I liked the look of that. It's a very stylish pattern." - Tammy

"Easy and beautiful romper. I really enjoyed making this romper for my grandson. Like any other Peek-a-Boo Patterns, the instructions are easy to follow. I am very happy that it turned out so well." - Susie

Add-On Packs

A number of our top selling sewing patterns did not originally come with a hoodie option. No need to worry though. After popular demand we came out with these Hoodie Add-on Packs.

Men's Night Owl PJs

Schoolgirl Skirt Pattern

The Adult Hoodie Add-on Pack includes 3 hood options (standard, scuba, and crossover) and a kangaroo pocket. It has been tested with the Aspen, Alpental, Rocky Mountain Raglan, and Tahoe Tee. It will work well with most patterns that have a crew neckline.

 "Another great pattern. A hoodie is a must in this household and Peek-a-Boo Patterns are the best! Easy patterns with step by step instructions and pictures." - Kimberly

"Great value for add-on pack. Extremely pleased with the quality of this add-on pack. The hoods fit my garments seamlessly! Well, not literally seamlessly, of course :)" - Hannah

Rocky Mountain Raglan

Violet tunic and dress sewing pattern

The Youth Hoodie Add-on Pack also includes 3 hood options (standard, scuba, and crossover) and a kangaroo pocket. It has been tested with the Altitude, Gloria, Grand Slam, Classic Ringer, Violet, Tatum, Delaney, Piccadilly, and Pocketful of Posies. It will also work well with most patterns with a crew neckline.

"Amazing pattern! I recently bought both the Youth Hoodie Add-on Pack and the Aspen Hoodei Add-on Pack, because I was sewing the Alpental and Aspen sweaters with five of my grandchildren...they turned out fabulous! So easy to sew, and the hoods made the shirts even nicer." - Ursula

Free Sewing Pattern

Romperalls Sewing Pattern

If you're just getting started, we have a free hoodie pattern to get your foot in the door - the Adult Classic Sweatshirt Pattern. You can get the code for the Adult Classic Sweatshirt Pattern by signing up for our newsletter HERE.

The Adult Classic Sweatshirt has a relaxed fit and an optional hoodie pattern. The sleeves also include options for semi-fitted or relaxed fit. This pattern works well for men and women. Our customer Abby says, "Quick and easy. This pattern was fun to make and quick to finish."

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We hope that you enjoyed our Hoodie Pattern guide today. If you enjoyed it, you might also enjoy our Beginner Sewing Pattern Guide or our Dress Patterns for Women Guide.

Sewing for your family is easy with Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop and We appreciate your business!

Happy sewing!